Your Horse’s Health from a

Holistic Perspective

Eqcentric has many non-invasive equine bodywork modalities in their toolbox. This allows us to view and approach each horse as an individual, taking into account how they are feeling on any particular day.  We incorporate Equi-Bow, CranioSacralTherapy, Kinesiology Taping, SureFoot®Stability System, Tapping, plus others, for a whole-body perspective …. for the health of your horse.

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What Does Eqcentric Offer?

Addressing the Horse As A whole …

With 50+ years of experience with horses, Lisa has developed the ability to work with your horse that encompasses their needs. Marrying many different protocols that Lisa has educated herself with over the years, allows her to find what will work for your horse in that moment.  Sometimes you go in with a plan, but your horse dictates that your plan may need some rethinking.  Being able to determine what will work for your horse at that time is key to helping them.

While not chiropractic work, nor traditional massage, what Eqcentric offers does influence the body and its structures. Bones hold up the body, muscles/connective tissue support the bones.  Nerves inform the muscles how tight or relaxed they should be and nerves require only a gentle touch. Equi-Bow works with the nerves, accessing the Central Nervous System via the fascia.  It is through this means primarily we are able to ‘reset’ the body’s system to restore structural integrity and promote self-healing capabilities.

There are many traditional methods of addressing your horses’ needs, but you need to be flexible, knowledgeable and understanding, and be able to listen to what your horse is telling you. 

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The Tool Box ….



Non-Invasive equine bodywork to help reset your horse’s body for improved balance, better posture, flexibility and overall better functionality.

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Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology taping to support the non-invasive bodywork, address swelling, improve circulation, support weaknesses, relax tension and improve performance.      


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SureFoot® Balance

Surefoot®Equine Balance Pads for improved balance, reconnecting hoof to mind, releasing tension throughout the body.



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