Balance: Body and Mind

A Well-rounded Program for Health, Connection, and Performance

Our program has developed into one to improve upon your horse’s flexibility, balance, straightness, mental state and strength..

EQCentric offers a holistic approach to better health and improved capabilities that impacts the physical, mental, and emotional, areas of the horse, in the form of a unique combination of modalities. This health program marries Equi-bow, CranioSacral Therapy, SureFoot®Balance Program, Kinesiology Taping, + other techniques. These modalities work well to support any other programs you may already have incorporated for the well-being and peak performance of your equine partner.

Our goal is to help you achieve the healthy balance of body and mind that is best suited to your personal goals, regardless of their level, be it recreational or performance. We offer a dedicated and professional experience, by a Practitioner certified in Equi-bow, CranioSacral, SureFoot® and Equi-tape, with additional training in Masterson, Tapping, T-Touch, Straightness Training, etc.,  to support your equine’s needs.

To learn more about how you can experience this unique and proven technique, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to helping you start your  journey toward the horse/owner connection that you have always wanted. 





Is your horse straight or does he display natural asymmetry?

What if your horse is moving crooked due to pain? Simply ‘riding through that pain’ could cause additional pain.

Crookedness can reveal itself as tripping, loss of power, ill fitting saddle, attitude, gait irregularity and could lend itself to injury such as sprains, fractures, leg/muscle strain, etc.

Eqcentric can help with straightening your horse, for a better-balanced companion.

How Does It work?

The body holds patterns of pain and other physiological dysfunctions, which over time, translates to learned behaviour.

What if by disturbing or interrupting these learned patterns, we can ‘reset’ the body to begin utilizing itself more correctly?

What if the body begins to shift skeletal, muscular, soft tissue, internal systems, resulting in the body beginning to balance itself?

What if what you think is Conformational is simply Postural? We can influence posture.

 Focus on Health

Our services focus on health and well-being of your horse. Whether you are concerned about behavioural issues,  about optimal movement or simply want to learn more about the effects you can have on your horse, we can help you help them to be the best they can be.

  • A Balanced horse is a confident horse
  • A Confident horse is a less spooky horse
  • A Balanced horse is less prone to injury
  • A Balanced horse is a pleasure to ride