Horses are creatures of habit with an exceptional ability to disassociate pain, mainly through compensation.  It is this ability to compensate that has them adopt a less then desired posture, placing additional stress on areas of the body that it normally would not.  

This becomes the ‘norm’ for the horse, both while standing and in motion.  The added stress on the joints and bones can then make the horse susceptible to possible injuries, as well as a loss of desired flexibility and movement.  This can then lead to issues such as lameness, picking up leads, etc. 

The methods that Eqcentric employs, will help the horse arrive at a state where it can be receptive to assistance and trigger the reprogramming, reawakening and self-awareness required in order to function better.  The horse will become more comfortable in its movements and as such, will be healthier, as well as happier, addressing any behavioural issues that may arise as a result of any discomfort.  

A reciprocal benefit of the horse being happier, is that so are you and because you are happier, you horse is happier, calmer, more willing … and so the cycle begins of a greater connection and relationship ….


Non-Invasive equine bodywork to help reset your horse’s body for improved balance, better posture, flexibility and overall better functionality.  

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SureFoot®Balance Pads

Surefoot®Equine Balance Pads for improved balance, reconnecting hoof to mind, releasing tension throughout the body. 


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Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology taping to support the non-invasive bodywork, address swelling, improve circulation, support weaknesses, relax tension and improve performance.

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