Equi-Bow is the evolution of bowen as well as various other disciplines and philosophies, such as Feldendrais, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral, massage, stress point and soft tissue release modalities, along with a few other considerations, to form a unique holistic technique suited to horses, and other animals. Simply calling it bowen for horses doesn’t do it justice, as it is much, much more.

What exactly is Equi-Bow and how does it work? Without getting into too much detail,  it as series of light, non-invasive, touches specifically placed on the body. It works by accessing the Central Nervous System, through the communication web throughout the body. Through muscles and fascia primarily, it resets the body’s system, to restore structural integrity and promote self-healing capabilities.

The body holds patterns of pain and other physiological dysfunctions, which over time, translates to learned behaviour. By disturbing or interrupting these patterns, the nerve transportation highway can reboot the communication to the body to allow it to begin utilizing itself correctly. The body begins to shift skeletal, muscular, soft tissue, internal systems, etc., resulting in the body beginning to balance itself. 

Many Conformational issues turn out to be Postural issues. Behavioural issues (He’s always done that) begin to diminish due to addressing the source of this learned behaviour. When your horse is functioning optimally, there is less probability of injury. With more flexibility, there is freedom in movement.