I am pleased to offer Sure Foot® Equine Stability Pads, by Wendy Murdoch, to my balanced equine services. As a Sure Foot Practitioner, the pads are a great compliment to my alternative equine balancing methods. The horse’s foot has a variety of proprioceptive nerves, and the pads offer a unique method to ‘reset’ the foot, body, and mind connection, offering an alternative solution to many issues that can reveal themselves.

Created and developed by Wendy Murdoch, SURE FOOT’s effectiveness is acknowledged by owners, veterinarians, equine professionals, trainers, trimmers, and farriers around the world. The Program uses SURE FOOT Equine Stability Pads, designed by Wendy, specifically for horses. Your horse has an opportunity to experience his own habitual patterns and find ease when standing on SURE FOOT Pads. Watch as he shifts from anxious to calm, and from calm to a deep state of relaxation.  Greater relaxation means, less stress, easier to train, greater freedom of movement, more resilience to the environment, and greater wellbeing.

SURE FOOT Pads vary in density from Hard to Soft, providing a wide range of pattern variation for your horse to experience. The SURE FOOT Pads challenge your horse’s balance, activate proprioception, work the small postural muscles, and creates awareness. The degree of difficulty depends on the Pad density and number of hooves placed on Pads. Once the horse is familiar with SURE FOOT the pattern can be varied on any given day depending on the horse’s condition, medical history, and desired effect.



“OMG Lisa, he’s doing fantastic! Kalley is really happy. This is the best he has felt ever! And, has a great attitude! I could go on and on. I’m so happy and relieved. Thank you so much for coming to visit my guys. PS, Joey hasn’t taken any short steps for days!”


Caralee Gould, Morriston, Florida

Everyone can use an assistant now and again ….