A Program to Fit the Needs of Your EQuine Partner

From competitor to retiree, the benefits of engaging EQentric are plentiful.  Optimize the performance of your horse in the ring, make that turn effortless, redistribute the weight off the front end, address any current injuries, make their last years in the field more comfortable.  “Ride them hard and put them away wet”, should be a phrase from the past.  This is a great way to promote injury.  Your horse gives  you their all, you should return the gesture, for a life long relationship.

Equi-bow for a Balanced Horse

  • Does your horse turn easier to the right vs. the left?  
  • Do you have to shim or pad your saddle pad in order to achieve a good saddle fit?
  • Does your horse get nasty when you approach with the saddle?
  • Difficult to bridle or touch the ears?
  • Stiffness in bending
  • Unable to reach underneath themselves?
  • Pulling on the reins?
  • Back sore to touch?
  • Coughing/Breathing issues?
  • Bucking or rearing?
  • Short striding?

The list can go on. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, an Equi-Bow session may be in order.  Typically benefits are realized after one session, and lasting benefits after 3 or more, with the occasional follow up session. Depending on your level of performance required from your equine athlete, EQCentric can develop a program appropriate for your horse’s needs.




It’s all about that base …

Strengthen, Tone, Supple and Improve 

We invite you to try our services for yourself. Begin with an overall Basic Body Balance.

Whether you are interested in a maintenance program to aid in prevention of injury or are in need of some therapeutic assistance to your recovery program, EQCentric may be able to help.


Equi-bow and Equi-tape are not replacements for veterinary diagnosis or care.