From the owner regarding the changes:   My mare didn’t like to stand on both hind legs at the same time, always resting one.  She was very fidgety and didn’t like to stand still.  We were also having some issues during our riding where she was too forward and difficult to control.  My confidence in the saddle became reduced.  Lisa worked on my horse for a couple of weeks, 3 sessions.  The next time I went to ride my horse, I free lunged her for a few minutes, but then had to wait for my fellow riders, so I tied up my horse to wait.  She stood there quietly for 45 mins or more, with little to no fidgeting!! And for most of the time she was standing square!  I was impressed.  The following week, at a sorting event, I felt that there was still some disconnect, and she was still popping a bit.  I suspected that it might be the cinch, but Lisa was there, so I consulted with her and she performed a few moves on my mare.  Not more than 10 mins. and I was amazed!  I had my old horse back!  She was calm, responsive, and cooperative. My confidence in her was restored, so I was able to relax and reconnect, and that translated to even better performance for us both.