I had an absolutely amazing first experience! While at a sorting event with my quarter horse mare, she began shifting her weight and wasn’t as responsive as she normally would be. Thankfully Lisa was also on site at this event and worked her magic! Less than 5 minutes later I was visibly watching my mare relax and find comfort! Lisa provided exercises to further assist us, and the remainder of our rides were right back on track!  Highly recommended!!

Randie Alyssa



Lisa worked with our little Dylan a miniature donkey, he was having some serious troubles.  The vet provided a good overall checkup and couldn’t find anything wrong. After his first session with Lisa, Dylan had a little regression episode, but after that he was much better. Lisa worked on him twice more and the issue never returned.  He is back to his badass mischievous self again, feeling great and no more medical troubles.

Janet Martin